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Three Tips New Investors Must See

When I first started investing, I had many questions. Fortunately, I had helpful and experienced investors around me who were able to guide me through my first steps as a stock market investor. However, others may not be so fortunate and may, as a result, be put off from investing due to fears of making a mistake.
Because of this, I thought I would answer three common questions that new investors might have.
How much should I invest in my first stock?
This may be the first question that many new investors might have. In reality, there is no simple answer to this question. It depends on a multitude of factors such as your risk appetite, portfolio size, and investment strategy.
Having said that, I believe that all investors should still follow a few rules of thumb before making a decision on this.
First, our investment size should be large enough such that the commission charges do not exceed 1%.
For instance, investors should try not to make a transaction below $1000 while using broker…

Top seven tips for saving money and making your dollar work for YOU

Saving money and cutting costs is often as exciting as watching paint dry.
But finance guru and Sugar Mamma founder Canna Campbell has revealed her seven top tips to get you enthusiastic and confident about growing your bank account.
The Australian video blogger says getting yourself into a healthy routine with money is the best starting point for saving money and making every dollar count.
In her latest YouTube video, Canna shared seven simple ways you can cut costs and squeeze every penny so you can sit back and watch your savings flourish. 
1. Have a Deadline
Canna says setting yourself a reasonable but clear deadline for your savings goal is the first step towards maximizing your money.
If you have a goal of saving $10,000 in five months, the finance expert recommends pinpointing a specific date on your calendar for your deadline - which instills a sense of urgency in your mind every time you see it. 
'That way you feel feel a lot more accountable and realize that time is tick…