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Saving money made simple for pensioners

OLD age pensioners are the salt of the earth.
Most soldier on, without complaints.
They are not whingers.
Most went through hard times where seeking second-hand goods were a habit as there was no money to buy anything brand new.
They survived to become great, unheralded, true blue Australians.
Luckily in those days, the only drugs were tobacco and alcohol, not the "killers" we see on the streets today.
Now, on small pensions, they must learn how to top up those empty pockets.
Below are some tips and information that could work for you.
Be determined, be lucky.
First of all, don't regard the shopping catalogues that are shoved into your letterbox as junk mail. Far from it. They are valuable and your guide to cheaper shopping. We study them; make our lists and do our thrice-weekly shopping trip - what we call our "big shop".
Because the big supermarkets are grouped together, it is not physically exhausting to visit each one, if your object is to save mo…

Five money tips to give your children before they start university

In the coming weeks, hundreds of thousands of excited 18-year-olds will be heading to university. It is daunting for both the new generation of undergraduates and their parents.
University will be a long list of firsts – and many of these will involve money. Having a bank account with an overdraft (and very likely the offer of a credit card, too) will be just the start. There will be rental contracts and deposits, student loan borrowing and, for some, the eye-opening experience of doing a grocery shop. 
What is the most useful financial advice a parent or grandparent can impart? Here are five suggestions.
Basic planning
Many 18-year-olds will never have budgeted properly in their lives, and having to meet essential food, housing and other costs could come as a shock.
Helen Saxon, the chief money analyst at, said: “They’ll need to sit down – and maybe parents can help in these remaining weeks – and work out how much cash they’ll have coming in, including their stu…